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18,90 €

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The Stiga scraper is ideal to get rid of the grass and soil residues left on the cutting tray quickly and safely, since it guarantees super performance over time. As for lawnmowers already fitted with a hose attachment, we recommend residues are removed with the scraper before using the water jet.
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SAP-koodi 1111-9227-01
EAN-koodi 7313329115069
Tuotteen väri Musta Stiga-logolla
Handle Diameter 25-28 mm
Pakkaustyyppi Pahvilaatikko
Kappaletta per laatikko 10
Kokonaispaino 0,15 kg
Pakkauskoko (PxLxK) 115x110x35 mm
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Tietoja ei saatavilla

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