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The Stiga protective trousers has chainsaw protection class 1 (20 m/s) type A. they can rely on the high quality and good brand of Stiga. They are made of a 4-way stretch micro-rip fabric that is resistant and very comfortable to wear. In addition the trousers are extremely light and protective at the same time. The unmistakable grey color marks the style with the addition of high visibility inserts. They are available in sizes from S to XXL.

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SAP-koodi 1599-1929-11
EAN-koodi 8008989902461
Tekniset erityispiirteet Vahvistukset polvissa
Tuotteen materiaali 4 suuntaan joustava kangas
Tuotteen väri Stigan harmaa ja keltainen
Pakkaustyyppi Pahvilaatikko
Kappaletta per laatikko 25
Kokonaispaino 1,76 kg
Pakkauskoko (PxLxK) 385x100x290 mm
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Tietoja ei saatavilla

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