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Fast Biodegradable Chain Oil 5 lt

AKUT JA VARAOSAT Fast Biodegradable Chain Oil 5 lt

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To work properly, chainsaw chains and bars must be lubricated. The chain oil avoids excessive friction between the bar and the chain that might cause wear and tear as well as damages.
Environmentally aware chain saw oil based on harvestable raw materials. Such a product makes a significant contribution to reducing ecological pollution. According to the CEC L-33-A-93 test method Stiga Biodegradable Chain Oil is biodegraded more than 90% within 21 days and it is not water-soluble. It is rapidly biodegraded in the biologically active upper reaches of the soil. 

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SAP-koodi 1111-9247-01
EAN-koodi 7313329115267
Oil Type Nopeasti Biohajoava
Pakkaustyyppi Plastic bottle
Kappaletta per laatikko 4
Kokonaispaino 5 kg
Pakkauskoko (PxLxK) 210x110x310 mm
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