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4T-ÖLJY, 5W-30, 1,4 L


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Whether you’re looking for better performance or improved reliability in your engine, it’s essential that you get your oil right. Using the correct oil keeps your engine running smoothly. Primarily, oil stops the metal surfaces in your engine from grinding together and wearing, by creating a separating oil film between them. The oil also disperses heat and reduces wear, protecting the engine. On top of this, good oil prevents dirt build-up and deposits by keeping them in suspension. Motor oil even protects against sludge and fights oxidation, keeping the oil fresh and minimising acids which can cause corrosion. In short, oil matters.
SAE 5W-30 designates a multigrade-oil. “5W” stays for the viscosity of the oil at cold temperature and the number 30 indicates the viscosity at 100 °C.

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SAP-koodi 1111-9242-01
EAN-koodi 7313329115212
Öljyn tyyppi SAE 10W-30
Pakkaustyyppi Muovipullo
Kappaletta per laatikko 12
Kokonaispaino 1,4 kg
Pakkauskoko (PxLxK) 130x68x254 mm
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Tietoja ei saatavilla

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