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SBT 5080 AE

 SBT 5080 AE

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The powerful solution for your 80V battery lawn mower or to reach the longest working time of portable gardening machines. The Stiga SBT 5080 AE 5.0 battery, used with the Stiga battery harness, gives its best performance when connected to one of the 80V Stiga tools.Battery capacity: 5.0 Ah.The Stiga 80V battery harness is sold separately.
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Latausaika 1 t 15 min
SAP-koodi 270501088/S16
EAN-koodi 8008984782297
Jännite 80 V
Nettopaino 2,5 kg
Kokonaispaino 2,7 kg
Pakkauskoko (PxLxK) 225 X 130 X 90 mm
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Tietoja ei saatavilla

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